Keeping the love alive isn’t always easy. But we’ve listed some of our best maintenance tips, so you can live happily ever after with your new vegan shoes.

Once upon a time…

When you first lay eyes on your new shoes, it’s gonna be hard not to jump right into them, but resist!

Take a few minutes to think about long term maintenance. It’s often a good idea to use some (transparent) water repellent spray. It not only keeps your feet dry, but will also help with keeping your shoes beautiful. Dirt will be much easier to brush off!

If you still have an old spray for leather shoes, you can also use that on our microfibre versions. Shoes that feel soft, like suède, can be treated with regular suède products. Of course it’s always best to try out new products on a small, less visible, spot.

We also have some eco friendly maintenance products. You can find them HERE.

Wet feet!

Rain. It happens.

A lot.

Did your stylish shoes get soaking wet? Please handle them with the love they deserve. To keep your shoes in shape, fill them with wads of crumpled newspaper while they dry. Give them enough time to dry naturally. Direct heat from, for example, a heater or a stove could hurt your shoes.

Vegan shoes vs mud: 1- 0

If you get home with mud on your shoes, you can best let them dry on an old newspaper. A soft brush will get most of the mud off, when dried. Are there still some spots visible? Use a clean and moist towel and gently pat your friends clean.

Below, you’ll find some more of our tips, sorted by material.

Piñatex. We love it.

Has dirt attached itself shamelessly to your shoes? A moist towel will solve most of the problem. More stubborn stains can be attacked with some soapy water.

Do you like the grungy look?

  • Sure: Piñatex is a natural material that weathers beautifully. After a while the pineapple fibre will start to show some lint. No problem. That just gives them more character.
  • Not at all: You should consider using a little wax before you start wearing them. Colourless natural wax feeds the fibres and keeps everything looking spotless. You can also use traditional shoe-care products, you can buy everywhere. With a little black shoe polish you can give your sneakers a little extra depth.

• Lightly moisten your textile shoes with a towel or sponge. Use a mixture of ¾ cold water and ¼ gentle soap.

• Please do not spot-clean, but clean your whole shoe. This eliminates the possibility of leaving a water stain.

• Scrub gently.

• Rinse thoroughly with cold water and squeeze out as much water as possible.

• Stuff your shoes with wads of crumpled newspaper while they dry.

• Let everything dry slowly, away from direct heat or sunshine.

• Dinamica is a type of artificial suede, 100% made from recycled PET bottle tops. Jaguar and Mercedes Benz also use this material for their luxury car interiors.

Unlike their animal predecessor, this Dinamica suede will rarely show water spots. It is a very durable material that you can treat with regular suede protection spray. And it will last you many years.

• Did you spot a spot? Just clean with a damp towel and you are good to go.

  • Daily care
    Some soft strokes with a lint brush will quickly restores the soft shine of the amazing Ultrasuède. In addition, you can also occasionally vacuum this high-tech material and dust it with a damp cloth.


  • A spot!
    If you spy it early, you can solve almost any accident caused by liquids by patting it immediately with some paper towel. When dry, you can vacuum away all residue.Older stains are best dealt with by using a cloth and some lukewarm water. Don’t be to rough with the material but treat it gently. After you let everything dry, you can brush of your shoes and they’ll look as good as new.

This microfibre is the most common vegan alternative to smooth leather.  Sturdy, breathable and waterproof, this faux leather is hard to distinguish from it’s ‘real leather’ equivalent.

Microfiber maintenance is easy. You can treat them with all traditional shoe maintenance products. Wax, shoe polish, water repellent spray, they all have the same result on microfibre.

Need a new supply? Take a look at our natural and eco-friendly maintenance products.

Take a look at our eco friendly maintenance products.